Friday, March 9, 2012

CCK's Flourless Chocolate-Chip Cookies

Sometimes, a girl's just gotta have a chocolate chip cookie.

Like, now.

I don't want a dozen cookies. I don't even want half a dozen cookies.

Okay, maybe I do want half a dozen cookies.

But really, I just want a cookie. In my mouth. ASAP.

Fortunately, that's why we have Chocolate-Covered Katie.

Her Flourless Chocolate-Chip Cookies take mere minutes (minutes!!) to make - a few minutes to throw everything together, and only 6 minutes to bake. That's it, folks. You want cookies in a jiffy? Go see Katie.

And loooook:

Her recipe makes a half-dozen cookies.

Perfect! Three for three, three for my hubby. My son had already gone to sleep, so no cookies for snooze, you lose, buddy!

I totally would have shared, though. If there had been any left, that is :)


Hannah said...

I'm usually more of a raisin-oatmeal cookie gal myself, but these look really good. Besides, a bit of extra chocolate never hurt... ;)

Bethany said...

Hi Hannah! You know what's so great about these cookies...they really taste like oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips in them. I was even saying to my friend that I might try these again with raisins and a bit of cinnamon next time. The texture and taste definitely reminds me of oatmeal cookies!

Guru Uru said...

These sound amazing - bookmarked :D

Choc Chip Uru @ Go Bake Yourself