Monday, September 5, 2011

A Gravy Bowl

Mmmm....gravy. I don't mean the marinara kind, either. I mean, graaaavy. The brown stuff that you pour on taters and comes in a boat. Yeah, that gravy. It hasn't made an appearance on my dinner table in, well, forever. Or at least 5 years, since that's how long I've been vegan (Labor Day weekend 2006 is my "Veganniversary" :) I haven't had much need for gravy as a vegan. But then I was putzing around my kitchen this afternoon, trying to figure out what to have for dinner, and I was inspired by the Silky Chickpea Gravy in Appetite for Reduction. Suddenly, I had to have gravy for dinner. But what vehicle would I use?

Alas, I had to look no farther (further? whatevs) than the Elements of a Bowl section in AFR. And there it was: The Gravy Bowl. Oooooh. Yeah, baby. Brown rice, baked tempeh, steamed kale, and Silky Chickpea Gravy. All smooshed together in a gravy bath. And let the choir say AMEN!

I actually didn't have any kale on hand, but I didn't let that small little technicality stop me. I grabbed some frozen collards, frozen brussels sprouts, some leftover shredded carrot, and went to town. The baked tempeh was the Basic Baked Tempeh recipe from AFR, which I've made before and loved. While that was marinating and baking, I got the rice cooking, the gravy simmering, and the veggies steaming. In no time at all (well, that's not exactly took nearly an hour and a half, but it was easy!), I had two giant bowls ready, and one baby bowl for my baby bear.

Don't let the crappy pictures fool you...this was actually really good! The chickpea gravy was awesome, and it was really easy to make. I'm already dreaming up other ways to use it...I'm thinking there will be a bowl with some winter squash, cranberries, wild rice, and this gravy happening in the near future.

For breakfast, I tried a new smoothie, Chocolate Spiced Hemp Shake from Kristen Suzanne. Chocolate, hemp, cinnamon, and bananas...I mean, what's not to like? It was great for refueling after a hard workout.

Well, it's been a long day, so I'm off to rot my brain (aka watch Bachelor Pad). Good night!

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