Monday, June 13, 2011

Romesco Bowl

Hey y'all...just a quick lil' post tonight. Continuing with my apparent quest to make every recipe out of Appetite for Reduction, I made the Romesco Bowl this evening. The Romesco Bowl is simply a bowl of quinoa topped with some white beans, veggies, and Romesco Dressing. The Romesco Dressing is a tangy, flavorful topping of blended red peppers, toasted almonds, and other seasonings. For my veggies, I used steamed broccoli, steamed green beans, and some baby spinach that I cut into chiffonade.

I wasn't sure if my son would go for the tangy dressing, so I just made his bowl with the quinoa, beans, and veggies, and topped his with some olive oil, flax oil, and nooch. He said "mmm mmm" a lot so I think he liked it :)

I've had a good but tiring day, so I'm off to watch the Bruins beat the Canucks (hopefully!) Good night!

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