Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Tastes Like Bacon" Raw Soup

Yeah, I kid you not. That was my hubby's comment after his first bite of Gena's raw Avocado Soup with Lime. "Hmmm...tastes like bacon!" I had to laugh. I mean, how many men would take a bite of a raw avocado soup and say it tastes like bacon?!?! Only my hubby. That's why I love him :) And, considering that I used to call him "Sizzle-lean" back in our college days because he always smelled like bacon after visiting his parents, I consider this high praise. I mean, the man knows his bacon!

Funnily enough, I did not consider bacon when I took my first bite, but after he said that, I could sorta see where he was coming from. The soup does have a whole lot of avocado (giving it a nice, creamy, fatty base), smoked paprika, salt, and miso going for it. All of these things together can, in tandem, evoke a sense of bacon (I love that, by the way. Sense of bacon. I'm going to trademark that.) I definitely detected it more in the bites that didn't have the mango salsa in them (duh). I actually liked this soup a whole lot more the next day, after the flavors had melded a bit. I often find that raw soups are better the next day. I did a total cheater mango salsa and just used frozen mango (defrosted) and some sliced scallions. Worked like a charm.

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